BIOSLIMMING is a unique, un-paralled body wrap / contouring programme which combine natural active ingredients in the form of gels and creams. These are vigorously massaged into the skin in two separate steps to produce both hot and cold effect which produces the results.

The layers of fat are penetrated by the active ingredients to separate the fat into free fat cells which are then able to be dispersed through your waste system.

Once it's gone, it's gone!

This facial enables us to tone and lift the contours of the face using gentle micro currents that exercise the facial muscles and stimulate the skin cells with an anti ageing effect.

The results from a one off facial will last for up to 72 hours so it's great for a special occasion but for longer lasting results we offer courses of 8, 10 or 12 weeks for a firmer, younger looking skin.

Please see our Products page for our complete price list and treatment menu.

We offer many different facials. To decide which one is right for you we need to know more about your skin and the results you are looking for. Please speak to a member of staff who will give you a thorough consultation. We pride ourselves on our innovative results driven facials that will not only refresh and rejuvenate but relax and invigorate you too.

This is the famous 'red carpet facial', called so because A listers' are known to have this the day before they walk the red carpet!

Micro crystals are blasted onto the skins surface to remove the top layer of dull, dead skin cells. It refines open pores, decongests and stimulates for smoother younger looking skin.

Also amazing for problem skin to help eliminate scars and fade pigmentation when used as a course.


the dermalift facial - non surgical face lift

IBX Nail Strengthening treatment.

Repair an Strengthen post acrylic or damaged nails with this two step treatment.

individual lash extensions

Individual lashes ae applied to add volume and length to your natural lashes.

Whether you want full on glamour or keep people guessing with a natural look, we can create what's right for you.

Keeping the integrity and health of your natural lashes our priority this treatment can take up to 2 hours for a full set. and 1 hour for infills every 3 weeks.

semi permanent brow definition

This treatment will last for up to 3 years. Using the hand held manual method, pigment is implanted into the skin, although not as deep as a permanent tattoo, for lasting brow definition.

The design and style of your semi permanent brows should reflect your face shape, Enahnce what you already have and look as natural as possible.

Please do not ask for very dark HD brows as we will not do this for you with respect.


Brows & lashes

We offer a range of Nail services including

  • EXPRESS ACRYLICS - quick acrylics that are applied manually to be kinder to the natural nail.
  • GEL MANICURES WITH JESSICA GELERATION AND GELUX  - soak off gel polish that lasts up to 3 weeks
  • JESSICA CUSTOME NAIL POLISH MANICURES - professional manicure finished off with the world renowned Jessica Polish.


skinbase microdermabrasion facial

what is bioslimming?

It's simply everything you ever wanted from a wrap!

  • Instant Inch Loss
  • Visible Long Lasting Results
  • Reduces Cellulite Appearance
  • Firms and Tones
  • Burns Fat
  • Boosts Metabolism
  • Enhances Weight Loss

skin care & Facials